So I started texting this new friend to be you know… friendly and it’s getting all sorts of awkward because they didn’t understand my joke and having to explain it and being sarcastic in the text isn’t coming across so he was like “What’s going on” and I told him and he replied

"Oh well I am doing laundry at my friends"

… Cool. Uhm. This is like hella awk and I’m just gonna… yeah. 

I’m working on a pattern for my dumb package design for my practicum and I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried making the organic/textured look work, cleaning it up in Photoshop, vectorizing it, re-sketching it with a grid, tracing it in Illustrator, re-inking the sketch, and trying to vectorize the new sketch. I’ve spent like 6 fucking hours on this stupid fucking thing.

None of it is working and I am sad… because I love this pattern, and other people love it, and now the expectations are way high and I just can’t make it work and I don’t wanna go to school and I’m just freaking out about other things so now I’m just kinda